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Special Offer
$99 Wellness Day
One Hour  European Massage Session and a One Hour Float Therapy Session.  reg. $174

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(651) 964-1112
Our Featured Team Members
  1. Paula, Niecy, and Bridgette
    Paula, Niecy, and Bridgette
    Paula, Niecy, and Bridgette are top therapist located at our location in Savage, MN Xcape Wellness Studios. Highly experienced and requested therapists.
  2. Summer G.
    Summer G.
    Summer G. A graduate of St. Paul college in 2017 Specializes in European and Swedish style massage.
  3. Dana C.
    Dana C.
    Dana is a highly skilled massage therapist and graduate of Inspirit Institute in Dubuque, IA in 2012. She works in our Savage location and our Roseville location

Ion Foot Cleanse Therapy

Spacious Float Cabin

Onsite Chair Massage Events