Our Services

European Massage

-light to medium pressure.


30 min = $40

60 min = $75

90 min = $95

member $20 / $44 / $65


Deep Muscle Massage 

- deeper pressure, great for athletes or areas that need specific focus.


60 min = $85

90 min = $105

member $44 / $65

Couples Massage 

- Special occasions, anniversaries, or mother/daughter time together. Reserve this special service for you and your loved one.


The Ion Foot Cleanse is a detoxification foot bath that promotes the detoxification of the liver, joints and lymphatic system. Relax and unwind to soft music, a book, and a complimentary beverage during your Ion cleanse session. 


30 min = $49

member $24

Add to your massage experience and add to your relaxation. Our massage enhancements are added into your massage. 

Hot Stone ~                       $15  / member $7

feel heat as the stones warm your muscles.                                                        

Aromatherapy ~                $10  / member $5

intensify the effect of the massage 


Pre-Natal ~                        $15 /  member $7

2nd/3rd trimester only.         


Finnsisu Sauna Session

30 min = $35 

All members complimentary.

A relaxation session that can begin or complete any spa service! 

Workplace Chair Massage

Add value to your workplace, casaul Fridays, or corporate get-togethers by offering our team Massages! email us for more information 

 Gift cards are available at Massage Xcape in various designs. As an alternative, purchase and email the gift certificate directly to your loved one by going online ​​​